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Meriam M2110P-Dn0415-03-1, Smart Pressure Gauge With Nist Certificate

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ZM2110P-DN0415-03-1, Smart Pressure GaugeType & Range: 0 To 415 In H2O, Differential, Non-Isolated - Dry, Mounting Options: Portable Handle/Bench Stand, Power Options: 110 VAC, 220 VAC, 24VDC / RS232C, 2 SPDT RELAYS Meriam Process Technologies M2110P Smart Pressure Gauge is a microprocessor based, programmable pressure sensing device

  • Description
  • All units are programmed to allow easy configuration of the gauge through the front keypad

    Both models also have RS-232C communications for additional control and data logging capabilities

    SPDT relays on AC powered units and the 4-20 mA output on the transmitter models make the 2110P an ideal choice for many control and recording functions

    The AC powered and 4-20 mA units can also be configured through the RS-232C serial communications port

    The various ranges available allow for measurement of pressure, vacuum and absolute pressure

    Typical applications include use as a test bench gauge, tank level measurement, gas flow measurement and leak testing.