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Decorative Can In Brown Finish

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Unique, aesthetically pleasing receptacle for any area

  • Description
  • 23.5 in

    A protective coated base helps to eliminate paint chipping and rust rings.

    Anchor kit

    Black high density polyurethane rigid plastic liner



    Encapsulated cable keeps lid secure

    H 77 lbs.

    Made from steel

    Made in USA

    Outdoor use

    Perfect for city streets, open-air malls, universities, parks, office complexes and many other environments

    Servicing is easy with the lift off top

    Sleek and contemporary laser cut design

    Standard coated base protects surfaces from rust rings

    Three anchoring feet

    Three zinc coated leveling feet with a welded 0.38 in

    Threaded shaft

    X 34.5 in